I am the CTO of Immuta where I get to fulfill my love for data and it’s power to solve our customer’s greatest challenges.  Data has been the foundation of my career since the beginning, be it creating algorithms for Special Operations Command (SOCOM) to writing some of the very first MapReduce analytics at some pretty famous Intelligence Agencies, to building a secure application engine for customers with some of the most complex data policies on the planet.  Prior to co-founding Immuta I served as CTO for 42six Solutions, a services company focused on data-intensive custom application development, acquired by Computer Sciences Corp (CSC).

As the Internet of Things “IoT” grows, how we as a technology community harness our data will change the world.  Just remember, there’s no “I” in data, the better we get at sharing, merging, and computing our “things” openly, but securely where warranted, the faster we will forge ahead.

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